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Erik Aude

Interview, Porträt, Filmografie, Bilder und Videos zum Star Erik Aude | Erik Aude ist ein amerikanischer Schauspieler. Entdecke seine Biographie, Details seiner 21 Karriere-Jahre und alle News. Finden Sie perfekte Stock-Fotos zum Thema Erik Aude Fotos sowie redaktionelle Newsbilder von Getty Images. Wählen Sie aus erstklassigen Inhalten zum.

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Alle Infos zu Erik Aude, bekannt aus Ey Mann - Wo is' mein Auto!!? und American Sniper. Sprecher und Stimmen von Erik Aude anhören, kostenlos Angebot einholen, günstig aufnehmen. Top Beratung ✓ preiswert ✓ schnell ✓ Erik Aude. Erik Aude. 22 Ways to Die. Capelight Pictures. Kritik. 22 Ways to Die. Ein spannendes Konzept: 26 Regisseure drehen 26 Filme à 5 Minuten und.

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Variety's 9th Annual Charity Poker Night talking with ERIK AUDE \u0026 ERIN O'BRIEN

Erik Anthony Audé ist ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler, Stuntman und professioneller Pokerspieler, der wegen angeblichen Drogenhandels in Pakistan festgenommen und inhaftiert wurde. Audé behauptet, er sei zum Tragen von Opium getäuscht worden. Serien und Filme mit Erik Aude: Timeless · This Is Us · Grey's Anatomy · K.C. Undercover · Scorpion · Navy CIS · Legends · Sons of Anarchy · Homes of . Wir verarbeiten Ihre Daten, um Inhalte oder Anzeigen bereitzustellen, und analysieren die Bereitstellung solcher Inhalte oder Anzeigen, um Erkenntnisse über. Erik Aude ist ein amerikanischer Schauspieler. Entdecke seine Biographie, Details seiner 21 Karriere-Jahre und alle News. I wanted to be an actor. At least nowadays. Maraud was just another dude to me, he was a good dude to me, and he was kind to me, Käfer ägypten he would end up sharing his last meal with me The Book Of Ra having it prepared, so that I'd enjoy it, not him. Terrorist VO. Swamp Thing. 12/7/ · Erik Anthony Aude Wiki Biography. Erik Anthony Audé was born on 5 April , in Beverly Hills, California USA, and is an actor, stuntman and professional poker player, but probably best known for being arrested and imprisoned in Pakistan for drug trafficking in Date Of Birth: April 5, 3 Years in Pakistan: The Erik Audé Story is a feature length documentary about an American actor, who was sent to death row in one of the most dangerous prisons in Pakistan for a crime he didn't 90%(31). 9/28/ · Directed by Jamielyn Lippman. With Quinton Aaron, Erik Aude, Sherry Aude, David Brookwell. The true life story of Erik Aude, who was duped into drug smuggling and spent three years in a Pakistani prison/10(34).

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Organisieren, tapen, anlegen, mixen, mastern und auf unterschiedlichsten Medien zur Verfügung stellen und alles in höchster Qualität und natürlich geringstem Zeitfenster. Erik Was born in Beverly Hills, California. He moved to the Antelope Valley at the age of 7 and was run over by a school bus at the age of 8. Erik Aude I love life, I travel, I play poker, and I try to be happy regardless. You can watch my movie “3 Years In Pakistan: The Erik Aude’ Story” click below. Erik Anthony Audé was born on 5 April , in Beverly Hills, California USA, and is an actor, stuntman and professional poker player, but probably best known for being arrested and imprisoned in Pakistan for drug trafficking in So just how rich is Erik Aude? Sources state that Aude has acquired a net worth of over $,, as of mid What We Discuss with Erik Aude: How an American actor with a successful career gets wrongfully imprisoned in Pakistan for three years. Why Erik’s unique history with pain tolerance made him uniquely suited to survive torture and the rigors of prison life. The culture shock an average westerner might expect to experience while visiting Pakistan. How Erik Aude entered one of the world’s toughest prisons an innocent man and emerged as a murderer. What processing, being the new curiosity, and solitary confinement are like in an overcrowded Pakistani prison. How you know when you’re really in danger in a foreign prison: when they put you on death row for your own protection.
Erik Aude Patrick McGoohan. Iben Hjejle. Agentur Sprecherdatei. Nadja Stargames.Con.

Michael Rechtshaffen. Tthis is an interesting little film in as far as it goes, and for those unfamiliar with Erik's story it has a perfect Hollywood twist at the end.

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Erik Aude: [] In Pakistan. Jordan Harbinger: [] Right, yeah, just clarifying how weird this is that you're playing Texas Hold Em with Palestinian hijackers.

Erik Aude: [] It is the Pakistani. So the Palestinians weren't on death row. The Palestinians were one cell. I was in -- eventually after I got moved off the death row, I got moved off the death row after nine and a half months to two cell.

By that time though, I had already become friends with Ali through the letter network through the books, because he wanted my books and my magazines, and then when I got moved to two cell, I could talk to these guys over the wall and our relationships struck more of a chord and I go over and eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with them.

Maraud was my best friend on death row. He was a man that knew very little English but more English than anyone else. And it was through him that I started learning Urdu a lot quicker.

He would always correct me. He always answered my questions. Just a friendly, friendly, friendly guy.

And he taught me the game of Texas Hold 'Em Poker and it's because of what he taught me to this day that I still make a living playing.

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That link is going to be in the show notes at jordanharbinger. Jordan Harbinger: [] This is crazy. And this guy Maraud was in prison for like killing his wife's family or something like.

Erik Aude: [] Yeah, he was in prison for killing his wife's family members, and then all of you, how in depth do you want me to go on that, but Jordan Harbinger: [] If we can talk about that, I thought that was pretty interesting because at first you think this is a horrible person and then you realize that he I think he did what any man on this planet would do.

Him and his wife were in love and in Pakistan, that's the big, no, no. You need to -- it's all arranged marriages, who your families want you to be with.

It's not who you want to be with. Well, him, his wife fell in love on their own and they had to go into hiding to be together and while they were in hiding and their families refuting, it was Romeo and Juliet, and each family was accusing the other one of hiding the couple and they were killing each other.

They were just doing everything, demoralizing and humane to one another. What brought him out of hiding was his mother and sister were both kidnapped, gang raped and murdered by his wife's family members.

What happened to him. His whole situation is not isolated. It happens a lot in Pakistan, it's the way things are. Maraud was just another dude to me, he was a good dude to me, and he was kind to me, and he would end up sharing his last meal with me and having it prepared, so that I'd enjoy it, not him.

And he didn't even tell me that it was his last meal. He had it prepared so nothing was spicy, and I hated spicy food, but he had it prepared so that I enjoyed it and he didn't even tell me.

And till this day, it's still the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me. And it was by a man named Maraud on death row. Erik Aude: [] Yeah, no, he was, he was, he was.

I mean, I don't know how he didn't tell me. Jordan Harbinger: [] He didn't want you to feel bad or be emotionally. He wanted to enjoy his last day on Earth with his friend.

Erik Aude: [] We were just boys that day. We ate, we played chess, we played poker, we talked about life and when I said, I'll see you next week.

He says, inshallah. And I never saw him again. He was hung in the next morning. Jordan Harbinger: [] Yeah. Oh man. So while you're in prison, what's going on with Rai Gharizian back in fricking Glendale or whatever in your case.

What's going on with this guy who clearly set you up? What's happening with this guy? All mugshots. That's Rai Gharizian. But she continued on her itinerary to LAX.

They found in the walls of her suitcase professionally concealed also opium. So they set up this thing. They arrested both her and Rai Gharizian, except he posted bail under the name Razmik Minasian.

So when he posted bail, my mom's private investigator, my mom's private investigator at this time was the only one looking for this guy because these guys are like, well, Eric's a drug smuggler.

We can't find this guy. It made no sense why they couldn't find them. It really didn't because I had his name.

Everyone at the gym knew him. So why was it so difficult to find this man? Well, it was difficult because it wasn't his real name. I'd known this man for years.

I consider him one of my best fucking friends and I never even knew his real name. Why would he lie to me about his name? Because he was setting me up from the beginning.

He was setting everyone up from the beginning and the only way we were able to find out because this dickhead didn't miss a beat. He continued to go on having people unknowingly smuggle opium from.

So that Swedish woman got caught, got arrested, but with him and he was able to pose bell. But when my mom was proud, investigator brought it to the investigators in charge of this case.

They go that always got different aliases. They rearrested him simply on that information, denied him bell knowing now that he's got different aliases, they let the Swedish girl go back to your country without being charged with in less than two weeks.

Simply because her story matched mine and several others, they deemed her a dupe. A dupe is someone who has no idea they're being used to smuggle anything illegal.

A mule is somebody who knows they're smuggling something illegal. Erik Aude: [] A mule is in on it. A dupe has no fucking clue and it happens all the time.

So when I got that information, I was happy. I was like, all right, my being in jail helped a woman not be in jail. So something good finally came from some from this holy shit, something good probably came from this.

So I said to the guy, now that you got the real guy, what's going to happen? When do I get to go home? And I can tell from the DEA is an expression.

Everyone but Christy, the new counselors, Christy was cool. She was respectful, but everyone else had made fun of me.

Maybe next time you'll pack a little lighter. Maybe next time you won't get so greedy. They see you in jail. So they assume you're there because you deserve to be there because that's what they want to do.

I've never seen someone that was actually innocent. So here he is sitting across the table from me telling me he knows I'm innocent and that he can't do anything for me.

So fucked up. The embassy, the embassy likes to make fun of you. They like to put it on you, but the truth is it's on them. They could do something.

They could have done something. Even if I had been guilty, they could have done something, but now that they knew that I was innocent, it's not that they could do something that's that they won't because they don't want to muddy the waters as they say.

They don't want to drip. They said if it was a visa violation or a murder case, they can get involved. They need to be way the fuck flexible on that because I percent believe that a lot of people go to jail for shit they don't do sure, especially in narcotics related, especially in our narcotics related, and the embassy just doesn't give a shit.

They were criminals in there, they were rapists in there, they were murderers in there, they were drug smugglers in there. But Pakistan is like, fucking let's get rid of all the Iraqis.

The first one, they got a couple dozen. But they wouldn't do it for one of their own. They wouldn't do it for one of their own.

Someone they knew was innocent. But they can't put me in the general population. Erik Aude: [] Yeah, and the only reason I got taken off is because a new superintendent came to the prison.

And when new superintendents come to prison, they shake the system up. We got change it, and when they go in they start searching out of prison.

People were trying to kill this guy. Any of the hijackers are my boys, they want to put me with the hijacker. I said, okay, put him two cell.

That's where the NAB prisoners are. The National Accountability Bureau prisoners. They're like politicians and people with money who you know are arrested for corruption.

They're not violent prisoners. So they put me in two cell. So this is after nine and a half months. I've been going back and forth to court, 50 plus times.

January 3rd, All right, 11 and a half months roughly. I've been in jail. I'm offered a deal, Eric, and the embassies helped me with this now, because now they're not making fun of me as much.

Judge is going to give you a two year prison sentence. That's good. That's great. That's great news. You'll probably be out of here within four months.

Okay, but here's the catch. Pakistan doesn't want to look bad by saying they kept a guy in jail for a crime he didn't commit.

So you have to plead guilty. I mean, that was just like a punch in the face after everything I've been through, after everything I've been through and these guys want me to plead guilty to boot.

It's not an option for me. Erik Aude: [] And it was the Pakistani interpreter [Razhal] [] who says to me, he goes, Eric, what's worth more to you?

Your pride or your freedom? Like for him it was like a no brainer. Erik Aude: [] But to me that was everything. And he made me ask myself that what is worth more to me, my pride or my freedom?

And right then and there, I already knew my answer. There was no way in hell I was going to plead guilty for a crime I didn't commit. So I got presented from the judge and judges expecting to get paid.

He's expecting me to pay 1, bucks, 60, rupees. And I'm just thinking like this guy's going to give me 25 years to life in prison or death.

And he gave me seven years and I was happy. I was fucking happy when I got 7 years. Bogdan uncredited. Gunrunner 3 uncredited. Vault Guard. Boss Thug.

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Ghost Husband. Bartender as Erik Aude'. Passport Forger uncredited. Steroid Highschool Kid uncredited. Seth Taylor.

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Jordan Harbinger: Novomatic 413 We'll link to that in the show notes. Prisoner 1. Christopher August Jordan Harbinger: [] And that gave you a high pain tolerance, right? But I'm using that to win a deal, bribe people and start making my own stuff happen. Guard 1 as Ibrahim Elkest Robin Mountjoy I was able to use the money that my mom would send, but I was able to start making money and ends meet there. Divergent Stunts. Erik Aude: [] But when I was a kid, I didn't know what was happening Kniffel Vorlage Kostenlos Din A4 me. Erik Aude: [ So my first day in Pakistan, I got not the right amount Unturned Gambling money. And it sucked. You shall not use the Website for Fifa Wm Live Stream illegal purposes, and you will use it in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Erik Aude like, whatever, dah, Betway App Android dah. Erik Aude: [] No, no point wearing pants. It could be this.


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